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[Arc]itecture as an almost international term has his origins in antiquity of our time. People visit cities today to see architecture or walk past it every day without really noticing it. ARC VIZ DESIGN does not design cities, but visualizes architecture that people cannot ignore.


ARC VIZ DESIGNstands for the visual perception of architecture during the design process of a project. At the beginning, a project is very difficult to grasp and feel. But people can not only experience and feel architecture with their hands. Usually just one look is enough to awaken a feeling in a person. The visual perception allows each individual viewer to immerse themselves in their very own story.

This creates a narrative situation alongside a simple image. Individual stories are told over and over again. It's the little things and details in life that tell new stories.


Another big focus besides detail is based on photorealism. Ultimately, the photorealism is also the real end state, which the end user of the property will also perceive in the end.

As architects and designers, we create sophisticated, creative and cross-platform solutions for the marketing of exclusive real estate worldwide in the field of real estate marketing. We work on every project with the utmost care and passion in order to achieve the best possible result. We don't see ourselves purely as a design agency, but much more as a strong partner who helps our clients to make their dreams come true visually.

Through photorealistic 3D visualizations of the highest quality, we arouse emotions in every single viewer. This way of looking at each project, even before construction begins, becomes a visual reality and a desirable place for everyone. 


With a special understanding of modern and exclusive design, we know how to translate the needs of our customers in impressive and visual real time. In our activities, we implement real estate visually to perfection and entice them to do what they ultimately deserve. 

They have served us as the center of our lives for centuries and are family locations and the representative structure of a city.

For us, this is architecture with visual design. 

"It is well known that a picture speaks more than a thousand words".- Quote: Fred R. Barnard

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Master of Arts - Architecture



"In the vocation, work is fun squared"

It's not a job we have to do. Work that we do with so much fun that it's not work anymore - That's my calling.



After graduating as the best architect of his class at the Hafen City University in Hamburg, he initially worked from 2012 for well-known architectural offices and property developers in Hamburg. There he got his first contact points in the design of buildings and gained a lot of experience in the individual service phases of workimg and designing as an architect and ingenier.

He received the entire management from the creative process to the final planning of single and multi-family houses. To date, several of his designs have been realized in and around Hamburg.

In 2013 he moved to the construction company Ed. Züblin AG and starts the young talent promotion program as an technical trainees in the central technology department in Stuttgart.

With 10 years of experience in his portfolio to date, he founded ARC VIZ DESIGN in Hamburg in 2015 and turned his hobby into a profession - architecture and the visualization of projects in 3D with a specialization in architecture, advertising and business.

At ARC VIZ DESIGN he is the creative head of the agency. He accepts all orders and coordinates all correspondence with customers. His decisions flow into every edit right up to the end. His feeling for the visual and his artistic talent are the cornerstones of the agency.

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