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Immerse yourself in a virtual space of your idea and experience your project up close.

Photorealistic panorama 3D visualizations make it possible to create virtual tours through rooms and buildings. 

The virtual reality

Virtual reality describes the content of a 360° visualization very accurately. Because by immersing yourself in the room, reality becomes virtually visible. Panorama visualizations can be used to take 360° shots and thus make it possible to create virtual tours through buildings and individual rooms with a wide variety of software. This allows customers of the property who are not currently on site to enter the room virtually and experience it up close.

This brings enormous advantages. Construction projects that have not yet been completed can still be presented spatially and virtually at an early stage. It saves costs for expensive photo shoots of sample rooms and it can be explored virtually from anywhere in the world. 

The so-called "walkthrough" allows leisurely strolls through the project without having to visit the construction site. It is always a virtual and gripping highlight for every customer and viewer to have a project presented in this way.

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